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We are a small business in the heart of the city, filled with mesmerizing terrariums, lush indoor plants, and an array of delightful goodies from small SA businesses.

Designed by Helen, whose scientific background shines through, these terrariums are not just beautiful plant arrangements but miniature ecosystems. A lot of care and detail goes into each one to create a beautiful and balanced ecosystem

Join our workshops to explore the science behind terrariums and discover their benefits for indoor plants.


The perfect blend of science and creativity, creating an experience like no other.


Our Belief

There is incredible importance to well-being, slowing down and just taking a moment to yourself.

In these moments, there is a certain type of healing power that comes from nature that surrounds us so effortlessly. With more and more time being spent indoors, Helen’s Mini Worlds brings nature inside. Creating indoor environments to be full of life.

We are strong believers that feeling more connected to nature can help us feel more connected to ourselves.
By taking home one of our terrariums, we hope you can experience this too!

Illustrations - Helens Mini Worlds-40.png

The humans behind the brand

Behind Helen's Mini Worlds are a very hard-working husband-wife team, Helen and Thomas. When we are not working, you will find us out camping in our van (Brian... yes every van needs a name!) or having a laugh together.

Hi, I’m Helen, the founder and creative behind Helen’s Mini Worlds. 

I have a degree in science and am very research motivated (especially when it comes to designing tiny ecosystems!). I have spent many (many!) hours researching and developing our soil mix and designs. My passion is communicating science to people in a different and interactive way and our terrarium workshops do just that! I am not just about teaching you to make a beautiful terrarium, but will explain the science of HOW they work and WHY they are beneficial for your indoor plants.

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