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The perfect centrepiece for a dining or coffee table. This large wild terrarium features a windy path through a mountainous range created with dragonstone. Included in the scape are varieties of moss, fern, peperomia, pilea and fittonia. In time, the ferns will grow taller, leaning over the rocks and becoming a more prominent part of the landcape. 


The terrarium is designed to mimic a tropical rainforest environment. It comes with a lid which prevents evaporation, increasing humidity and creating the perfect atmosphere for these rainforest plants to thrive. 


This also means you barely have to water! Only requiring water once every 2-8 months, this is the perfect low-maintenance terrarium. 


Springtails are added to this medium sized terrarium to help break down organic matter and consume any mould. This aids the health and longevity of the terrarium. See Terrarium Facts for more info on these insects. Don't worry, they won't jump out of the terrarium!


Keep indoors in a spot with bright indirect sunlight. 


Option to add 4 x handmade mini resin mushrooms to the scape. These will be spotted white and red mushrooms.


Please note the terrarium you receive may differ slightly from the images due to plant variability.


Dimensions: 26 cm diameter, 28 cm high.

'Wilderness' - Large

  •  Please select 'Terrariums ADL Metro & Hills' at the checkout. Due to their delicate nature, we cannot ship our terrariums, so hand-deliver these ourselves to Adelaide metro and hills areas. Please allow 2 weeks for us to create your order. Terrariums are delivered Fridays 10am-4pm or can be picked up from our CBD store. (Shop 2, Charles Street Plaza, Adelaide.)


    If you need something sooner - come visit us in-store or see one of our stockists.

  •   Is this order for Christmas? Christmas orders must be placed by Saturday 2nd December 5pm. Any orders placed after this time will be processed in 2024.


    Please answer the following in the notes when you place your order:


    1. If you are picking up your order from our CBD store, when would you like it to be ready by? This can be any day up to and including the 23rd of December.


    2. If you are after delivery (Adelaide Metro and Hills), when would you like your order delivered? (Note that terrariums are delivered Fridays 10am-4pm). Last delivery day will be Friday 22nd December.

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